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The Wild Arms Community's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
The Wild Arms Community

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More Scanlations [17 Jan 2013|04:33pm]
A couple more translations from the WA3 manga:
Law of the Wasteland
That's a Secret
and a few 4koma (Tumblr, if the image is too small, right click and select "view image")

Last one I posted:
Advancing Into the World Unknown

By the way, if you want to see them right when I finish, just check the wild arms, wild arms 3, and related tags on Tumblr from time to time.
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Some WA1 doujinshi scans [24 Nov 2012|11:55pm]

Hi, wildarms! Are we awake? If so, I have some things to share with you all!

I recently scanned these books in and figured this might be a good place to share them. I tried my hand at cleaning and resizing these; hopefully both should be of decent quality. If not, I still have the original scans for anyone who might want them.

doujinshi below the cutCollapse )
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WA3 manga scanlation [07 Dec 2012|04:34pm]
I've had all the WA3 manga books for a while now, and I've been playing the game again lately so I thought I'd try translating a little of it for fun. This is just the first story from the anthology comics. I'm no expert but I think it turned out okay. Maybe I'll try doing more later(maybe some of the 4koma too).

Here's the imgur album: http://imgur.com/a/Ne162
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shipping to us only. [19 Mar 2012|03:36am]

I currently have a giant doujinshi sale going on (most are $3!) and there are also other items including the following series: CLAMP, Sailor Moon, Loveless, Persona 2, Final Fantasy, Suikoden, .hack, Wild ARMs, and plenty of others!

faq & tags.
clamp items (including doujinshi).
final fantasy (other) doujinshi.
final fantasy tactics doujinshi.
manga, art books, figures, cards, & misc. collectibles.
misc. series doujinshi.
suikoden doujinshi.
video games & related items (not including doujinshi).
western comics and animation.
wild arms items.
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Wild Arms -Flower Thieves- Complete in English [03 Mar 2012|08:09am]


Wild Arms: Flower Thieves
Author Ooba Wakako
Language: English
(Scanlated by Turtle Paradise)
Chapters: 12 (Complete)

We finally bring you the ending of Flower Thieves! It took a lot longer to get out than it probably should have, but regardless, it's finally done. Most of the translation frankly embarrasses me though, lawl
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Desperately trying to find these three Wild ARMs doujinshi [05 Dec 2011|05:15am]


They're near the bottom of the page. I've been trying like crazy to get them, but I keep getting cheated. I found them and bought them on ebay, even though the price was outrageous, but then the seller suddenly threw a fit and refused to sell them to me. I got a middleman to buy them from her for me, but she lied to me and then tried to con me. She stole the books and is now selling them on her site-the one linked above-for way more than she paid. I refuse to deal with her again and pay those prices, especially since the books are technically mine. Does anyone here know of any other place to get these doujin for a normal price?
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Wild Arms XF CGs [01 Dec 2011|11:21pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Yeah... I don't know if this should go here or not, first time posting and all, but whatever. I noticed a serious lack of screenshots and the cgs from XF available on the net, so I went out to get them all with screenshots, as well as all (Most?) of the characters. Also failed screenshots (Its hard to time right for the CGs! TT_TT) and random other garbage (Like the scene where Levin thought the 'twins'... yeah). But uh... here. In case it wasn't obvious, spoilers are abundant.


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Bandai D-Arts Knight Blazer Figure [24 Nov 2011|09:05pm]

[ mood | excited ]

A friend of mine pointed this out to me. Bandai announced the future (possible? I'm not sure) release of a Knight Blazer figure today. Here's a picture:

It may be relevant to some fans' interest so I shared xD I know I'm definitely excited~

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More Wild ARMs doujinshi scans! [06 Sep 2011|03:51pm]

Reposting some Wild ARMs doujinshi I scanned a while back, plus adding some new stuff I've acquired since then. Everything is hosted on MediaFire, which is where I'll be scanning ALL my doujinshi. Feel free to take what you like!

Images are scanned at 200 or 300 dpi (which explains why some files are insanely huge, I scan at 200 dpi by default now), so that anyone wanting to scanlate these works will be able to read the text easily. I may go back and resize some of the larger ones smaller if enough people request it.

If anyone wants to credit me for the scans, I go by "masterofthepen", but I don't really care if you do or not.

And now, presenting the doujinshi in order of series release:

"The earth"
Circle/Author: S. Misaki
Series: Wild ARMs 1
Pairings/Characters: Rudy, Jack, Cecilia, and Hanpan, with a brief appearance by Zeppet in a flashback. Also appearances by Jane, Magdalene, and Marivel.
Genre: Drama with some gag stories interspersed.
Rating: G
Pages: 136
Size: 194.53 MB
Download: Here

Note: There's a panel on page 44 where Rudy is holding up a sign, but part of the letters are obscured in the binding. I rescanned a closer detail of the sign in a separate file (44 - detail for scanlaters), but part of the letters are still obscured, and I didn't want to risk breaking the binding on the book. If anyone decides to try and translate this, I could try and get a better scan of it, but again, not going to risk breaking the binding on the book.

"Migratory Bird"
Circle/Author: Freedom
Series: Wild ARMs 1
Pairings/Characters: Main Cast, plus brief appearances by Emma and Jane Maxwell
Genre: Three stories, two of which look like drama, and one is a gag story.
Rating: G
Pages: 24
Size: 79.22 MB
Download: Here

"Flip Flap"
Circle/Author: Riddle Riddle (Shinobu Sakura) and Faculty (Miraru Karyuzuki)
Series: Wild ARMs 1, Wild ARMs 3, and Wild ARMs Alter Code: F
Pairings/Characters: Main cast, focusing on Rudy, Cecilia, Jack, Virginia, and Jet. Brief appearances by Zed, Jane, Gallows, and Beatrice.
Genre: All gag stories.
Rating: G
Pages: 16
Size: 162.32 MB
Download: Here

"unknown title" (I can't translate the title, but it says "Wild ARMs Unofficial Fanbook No.1" on the back)
Circle/Author: Faculty (Miraru Karyuzuki)
Series: Wild ARMs 3 and Wild ARMs Alter Code: F
Pairings/Characters: Aura x Zed, Virginia x Clive, plus appearances by Cecilia, Jack, Jet, and Gallows.
Genre: Romance/Gag
Rating: G
Pages: 34
Size: 81.03 MB
Download: Here

"Happy Valley"
Circle/Author: Laika
Series: Wild ARMs 3
Pairings/Characters: Clive x Jet pairing, Virginia and Kaitlyn make brief appearances
Genre: Romance, Gag, and there's a short story sandwiched in between.
Rating: PG
Pages: 26
Size: 33.12 MB
Download: Here

"The 4th Wonderful Destroyer"
Circle/Author: Bei-Shi
Series: Wild ARMs 4
Pairings/Characters: Main cast, including, Hauser (with the puppy), Kresnik, Augst, Jeremy, Lambda, Gawn, Farmel, Hugo, and Balgane. Plus, there's a sweet story about Jude's parents when they were younger.
Genre: Mostly gag, though there's a sweet story at the end featuring younger Hauser and Ethelda.
Rating: PG
Pages: 34
Size: 107.34 MB
Download: Here

"Shining Days"
Circle/Author: SEN_KA
Series: Wild ARMs 4
Pairings/Characters: Main cast, including Kresnik. Brief appearances by Lambda, Farmel, and Balgane.
Genre: Gag stories poking fun at Raquel's cooking, Kresnik possibly having a crush on Jude, and several 4koma focusing on Jude's obsession with eating Grow Apples XD
Rating: PG
Pages: 26
Size: 49.37 MB
Download: Here

"Lucied Mode"
Circle/Author: senkan
Series: Wild ARMs 4
Pairings/Characters: Main cast, including older!Jude, older!Arnaud, and Arnaud's daughter. Also features Kresnik, with a brief appearance by Enil, Gawn, Jeremy, Balgane, and Asia and Fiore.
Genre: Gag stories, mostly with various characters having a crush on Jude, and Arnaud being insanely jealous.
Rating: PG
Pages: 19
Size: 57.04 MB
Download: Here

I'll be posting one more doujinshi (along with a scanlation done by a friend of mine) just as soon as my connection stops being stupid and lets me upload stuff to MediaFire again...
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Wild Arms: Flower Thieves ch. 9 [18 Jul 2011|01:37pm]

Dropping in to share some more Guy comic goodness. B)

Wild Arms: Flower Thieves
Volume 2, chapter 9
Author: Ooba Wakako
Pages (total): 25
Size: 8.7 mb
Language: English
Download/Read online here
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Hey guys [17 Jul 2011|04:43pm]

 Glad to see this place isn't dead (yet : ( )
I was wondering if anyone knew of any rp communities with wild arms characters in it or would be willing to join a rp communities with a bunch of wild arms characters?

Let's show our WA love!
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More Flower Thieves scanlations! [10 Jul 2011|12:19pm]

If you're not reading this series right now, you should be. This chapter finally wraps up the "Frame of Mind" saga, and chapter 9 will be the MIND-BREAKING conclusion, just to put in words I already used in the post on the site because I lack original thought. ENJOY.

Wild Arms: Flower Thieves
Volume 2, chapter 8.3
Author: Ooba Wakako
Pages (total): 22
Size: 7.95mb
Language: English
Download/Read online here

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Wild Arms Flower Theives ch. 8.1 & 8.2 [13 Jun 2011|07:59pm]

You know, it occurred to me that I've been forgetting to post here when Turtle Paradise updates with more scanlated Flower Thieves.

Maxi's answer to that:


Naahhh, Maxi's a little shit, but he wouldn't hurt a fly. Unless said fly's name happened to be Liddo, Guy, Protein Supply, or...

Oh, forget it.

Download the new chapters here! And thank you for your time. ♥
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[19 May 2011|04:55pm]

Well, um, because there isn't much activity, I thought it might be fun to share some of my favorite renditions of WA music. :)

Comment with your favorites! :D
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So, question. [26 Apr 2011|09:23am]

If I were to actually go through, finally, with writing a bit of halfway tongue-in-cheek meta concerning how that offshoot of the series that almost nobody acknowledges the existence of Wild Arms: Twilight Venom can be viewed as a trans* narrative... is there anyone still here who'd want to read it?
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ACF light novel(s)! [16 Feb 2011|03:46am]

I don't know if there's any interest in this, but since the WAXF manga and Flower Thieves are getting scanlated I figured that I should share these just in case.

Here are both volumes in all their glory!Collapse )

I only scanned the prologue and the first cover, and I have no idea if it's actually part of the story or just a blurb written by the author, but here it is anyway! I did my best to try and make sure the print was legible enough, but I can scan again if necessary. (pg4 isn't there because it was just a blank page.) Both volumes are around 280 pages each, and they both have illustrations which are quite nice. It also looks like there are little interludes between chapters that are from Zed's point of view, but I don't know for sure.

If there's any interest in translating it I'd be glad to scan the rest, but regardless of that I'll try to scan the illustrations. Keyword being "try" here, because while the colour pictures are fine, the black and white pictures tend to be either way too light or way too dark. Plus I'm a big baby and I'd really rather not break the binding on these books. Bending the cover made me sad enough already. D:

So...yeah! Enjoy!

EDIT: Here's the other cover.

EDIT AGAIN: Chapter 1 (and the interlude) is scanned! (I'll be rescanning the pictures eventually though.)
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[10 Feb 2011|10:33am]
20|Dragon Age
34|Final Fantasy

10|Wild Arms (1, 3, 4, XF)


+More @ red_x_icons
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We're almost done, lawl [04 Jan 2011|03:40pm]

Bringing yet some more doujinshi... Hope there are some Wild ARMs 3 fans in the hizzouse!

"An Adventure in Sepia"
Circle/Author: Senkan, Kalesco (+Various others)
Series: Wild ARMs 3
Pairings/characters: Main cast (heroes), plus most of the minor cast. (No Villains, except Janus and crew.)
Genre: Gag
Summary:Several different stories by several different authors. The quirks of Wild ARMs 3 are outlined in… uh, odd ways.
Pages: 24
Size: 7.9mb
Download: Here

Don't worry, we only have two days left. Then I'll stop spamming the place. =P
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More Wild Arms doujinshi~ =D [03 Jan 2011|02:15pm]

I said I'd be back with more, and here I am!

"The Colors"
Circle/Author: United Babys (Wakatsuki Meiko)
Series: Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII, Gensou Suikoden, Ore no Shikabane wo Koete Yuke, Persona, Wild ARMS 1, Wild ARMS 2, Xenogears
Pairings/characters: ALL OF THEM
Genre: Sweet, beautiful GAG. (Totally PG)
Summary: A series of gags from several, uh, series. We’ve got school plays! Poisoning attempts! Failed recruiting attempts! Sibling affection (?!), over-protective siblings, and S&M. A little something for everyone.
Language: English
Pages: 42
Size: 11.3mb
Download: Here

MORE WHERE THAT CAME FROM. That's right, I still ain't done!
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Sharin' the love [01 Jan 2011|11:33am]

I'd say "Merry Christmas," "Happy Holidays," "Happy New Year," or some variation thereof in this space, but that feels like I'm feeding into social obligation and gosh-darn-it, I am not about to sheep up to that.

So instead of sharing holiday cheer, I will share with you translated doujinshi. Which I'm translating as part of a holiday event. WTF, double-standards. Anywho, you might know of Turtle Paradise Scanlations, you know, those awesome people who are translating Flower Thieves at a snail's pace. Every year we have a doujinshi-fest where we go all-out and see how many doujinshi we can pump out in twelve-days time. Usually we fizz out at about seven which, ironically, is which day we're on right now. Will we make it to twelve, or will we fail again this year? Who knows, and who cares!? What matters is, I have doujinshi for you to read right now.

Day seven: Re:Heated
Circle/Author: Senkan (Yamato Hina)
Series:Wild Arms
Pairings/characters: Jack and Elmina main; Rudy, Cecilia, Hanpan
Genre: Tried to be romantic for two panels, but then they said fuhgettabout it and decided to have a sword-fight instead.
Summary: Set sometime after the game. Jack and the crew head over to visit Elmina, where they witness a bar fight that sends her over the edge. Hanpan has a journey of self-discovery, and Jack deals with old age… In the worst way possible.
Pages: 42
Size: 14.3mb
Download: Here

Stay tuned for more, 'cause we're truckin' right along. (We're tentatively looking at at least a book from each series, sans 5 and XF. 5 because I don't love it enough to buy doujinshi of it, and XF because I've sadly never played it. ;_;)
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