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Sharin' the love

I'd say "Merry Christmas," "Happy Holidays," "Happy New Year," or some variation thereof in this space, but that feels like I'm feeding into social obligation and gosh-darn-it, I am not about to sheep up to that.

So instead of sharing holiday cheer, I will share with you translated doujinshi. Which I'm translating as part of a holiday event. WTF, double-standards. Anywho, you might know of Turtle Paradise Scanlations, you know, those awesome people who are translating Flower Thieves at a snail's pace. Every year we have a doujinshi-fest where we go all-out and see how many doujinshi we can pump out in twelve-days time. Usually we fizz out at about seven which, ironically, is which day we're on right now. Will we make it to twelve, or will we fail again this year? Who knows, and who cares!? What matters is, I have doujinshi for you to read right now.

Day seven: Re:Heated
Circle/Author: Senkan (Yamato Hina)
Series:Wild Arms
Pairings/characters: Jack and Elmina main; Rudy, Cecilia, Hanpan
Genre: Tried to be romantic for two panels, but then they said fuhgettabout it and decided to have a sword-fight instead.
Summary: Set sometime after the game. Jack and the crew head over to visit Elmina, where they witness a bar fight that sends her over the edge. Hanpan has a journey of self-discovery, and Jack deals with old age… In the worst way possible.
Pages: 42
Size: 14.3mb
Download: Here

Stay tuned for more, 'cause we're truckin' right along. (We're tentatively looking at at least a book from each series, sans 5 and XF. 5 because I don't love it enough to buy doujinshi of it, and XF because I've sadly never played it. ;_;)
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