You shouldn't have done that ★ (superumlaut) wrote in wildarms,
You shouldn't have done that ★

ACF light novel(s)!

I don't know if there's any interest in this, but since the WAXF manga and Flower Thieves are getting scanlated I figured that I should share these just in case.

I only scanned the prologue and the first cover, and I have no idea if it's actually part of the story or just a blurb written by the author, but here it is anyway! I did my best to try and make sure the print was legible enough, but I can scan again if necessary. (pg4 isn't there because it was just a blank page.) Both volumes are around 280 pages each, and they both have illustrations which are quite nice. It also looks like there are little interludes between chapters that are from Zed's point of view, but I don't know for sure.

If there's any interest in translating it I'd be glad to scan the rest, but regardless of that I'll try to scan the illustrations. Keyword being "try" here, because while the colour pictures are fine, the black and white pictures tend to be either way too light or way too dark. Plus I'm a big baby and I'd really rather not break the binding on these books. Bending the cover made me sad enough already. D:

So...yeah! Enjoy!

EDIT: Here's the other cover.

EDIT AGAIN: Chapter 1 (and the interlude) is scanned! (I'll be rescanning the pictures eventually though.)
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