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Some WA1 doujinshi scans

Hi, wildarms! Are we awake? If so, I have some things to share with you all!

I recently scanned these books in and figured this might be a good place to share them. I tried my hand at cleaning and resizing these; hopefully both should be of decent quality. If not, I still have the original scans for anyone who might want them.

"Pleasant Day" (?)*
Circle/Author: SENKAN
Series: Wild ARMs 1
Pairings/Characters: Mainly Rudy, Jack, Cecilia, and Hanpan. Jane, Magdalen, Mariel, Bartholomew, and Zed also turn up, and there is a flashback involving Zepet.
Genre: Mostly gag stories, with a serious one featuring Rudy and Zepet towards the end.
Rating: PG
Pages: 34
Size: 41.7 MB
Download:, Mediafire
(*)I am not too sure of this title name. If someone can correct or confirm this, I'd appreciate it.

Circle/Author: Mao Kurusu
Series: Wild ARMs 1
Pairings/Characters: Rudy, Jack, Cecilia, and various characters. Side story features Magdalen, Jane, and Nicholli.
Genre: Mostly gag stories. There's a very cute story featuring Magdalen and a younger Jane, showing how they met.
Rating: PG
Pages: 42
Size: 99.95 MB
Download:, Mediafire</cut>

I'm (hopefully) planing to work on scanning a few more WA1/ACF related things, including two doujinshi anthologies and both official 4komas. Definitely keep an eye out if any of those catch your interest!

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