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The Wild Arms Community's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
The Wild Arms Community

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[24 Dec 2010|06:38pm]


Total Icon Count: 96

51 x Hot Pants
45 x Virginia Maxwell


The rest can be found HERE @ gearprojecticon
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Wild Arms Secret Santa reminder [02 Dec 2010|01:34am]


Just a reminder: entries for this year's secret santa over on filgaian_santa close on Sunday! The more people we have taking part the merrier. As elmina said before - you don't have to be writer or artist to take part, as long as you can make some kind of fanwork. More details can be found in the community info.
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So, remember back in April I posted about getting some translations done? [18 Nov 2010|11:05pm]

A lot's happened since then, but despite all of that -

Janus Cascade fans, I finally have True Liberate scanlated for you.

Right here. A text-only translation is here. And Janus, Romero, and Dario's profiles from the Complete Guide are here.

I was not the one who did the work.

That was the translator mentioned in that post back in April... he's not familiar at all with WA3 outside of the cast dramadramaduck used to have. There's a few lines in this that we went back and forth on, as a result.

Part of our dialogue on the subject can be found back here...warning, it gets kinda long, terrible, and maybe-you-had-to-be-there humorous.Collapse )

So that's why Janus curses at one point in this. Also, we are both bad people, and this conversation is part of why there's a too-literal gag scanlation in that .zip.
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Wild Arms Secret Santa [16 Nov 2010|12:19am]


filgaian_santa's up and going again, so come and join! This fandom isn't totally dead yet is it? ;) You don't have to be writer or artist to take part, as long as you can make some kind of fanwork. See the community info for details!
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Icons [14 Nov 2010|01:50pm]

[ mood | rushed ]

Give or take 60+ new icons

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Please comment if you take! <3

[06 Nov 2010|02:59pm]

Tales of Graces x91
Wild ARMs XF x21 (game and manga; spoilers)
Blazblue x58

Here @ bottling!
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icons [19 Oct 2010|05:30pm]

❈ 041 Wild ARMs 4 (Mostly Raquel)

here thar be icons
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Wild Arms: Flower Thieves ch. 4 [23 Aug 2010|10:09pm]


Wild Arms ~Flower Thieves~
Volume 1, chapter 4
Author: Ooba Wakako
Pages (total): 22
Size: 10.2mb
Language: English
[Download/Read online]

Flower Thieves, I think I love you. Hey, Guy? WHAT'S WITH THE LAPTOP. Jechika... Keep being Jechika, lawl. And don't you just want to smack Maxi sometimes? He's such a grade-A DORK. (Boy, I wish these chapters were longer. =( BAH! What we DO get is glorious!)

(You can also follow tp_scanlations for more updates!)
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[19 Aug 2010|04:02am]

- [08] Wild Arms Alter Code F
- [17] Kuroshitsuji (Season 2)

- [01] Fullmetal Alchemist


A mirror to the moon @ noli_elfili
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[03 Aug 2010|07:40pm]

It's been a long time since I've ever made any music videos and, after some thought, I wound up making two for Wild ARMs 4. The first one took longer than it really should have to make but it was well worth it, in the end. The second one didn't take as long, since I finished it in one sitting but am still proud of it.

videos behind the cutCollapse )
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Wild Arms Flower Thieves ch. 03 [02 Aug 2010|11:00am]


Wild Arms ~Flower Thieves~
Volume 1, chapter 3
Author: Ooba Wakako
Pages (total): 20
Size: 10.4mb
Language: English
Download/Read online here

Our staff digs this series. DO YOU DIG THIS SERIES!?

(If this crossposting is getting on anyone's nerves, lemme know, 'cause YEAHYAKNOW)
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Flower Thieves chapter 2~ [19 Jul 2010|03:24pm]

Just dropping a line that chapter two of Flower Thieves was just released this morning. You can download it or read online at Turtle Paradise =D

I'll be off in the corner continuing my ongoing fangirlism of Maxi because hogod I love this kid so bad
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[27 May 2010|12:08am]

Hi. I bring ten drabbles written for a song/time limit meme.

Title: N/A
Fandom: Wild ARMs (1/ACF, 4, 5, XF)
Characters/Pairings: Ragnar/Chelle, Clarissa->Felius, Alexia, Katrina, Fereydoon->Lucille, Jack/Lady Harken, Rudy/Cecilia, Rebecca->Avril/Dean, Labyrinthia, Eisen
Rating: PG~PG-13
Warnings: Spoilers for all of the mentioned games.
Summary: Two for 1/ACF, one for 4, 2 for 5 and five for XF.
Notes: These are hastily written because of the time limits. :F

( He didn't need to know. )
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Flower Thieves =D [17 May 2010|11:20am]

I know I mentioned this ages ago somewhere or another here (not that I expect anyone will remember- hell, I don't remember!), but a while back I was all giddy because I'd finally found Flower Thieves on an online store... but lucky me, the book gets lost in the mail. That's kind of irrelevant because I eventually found it later on, but it's pretty hilarious that the first thing I've ever gotten lost in the mail is Flower Thieves. OTL

The point of this post is, all of us over at Turtle Paradise scanlations have finally released chapter 1, parts 1-3! And I'm still giddy about it, I swear. So you can download it, read it online, however you roll with that sort of thing and it'll make everybody all the happier =D And it would be awfully nice if anyone reading would leave a comment with their thoughts. We made at least two name changes from the stuff that's been floating around before - Gi is now Guy (since the book was running a French theme and the pronunciation is identical), and Upper Hose is now Upperhorse, which... Actually, I have no idea about that one. Yell at the translator! I WILL STAND BEHIND YOOOU


Anyway, hope somebody gets some enjoyment out of this!
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Fishing for interest... [28 Apr 2010|11:52pm]

So there have been, in the past, a few partial translations from the Advanced 3rd Complete Guide.

I've got a copy of the book (thanks to rozzix being an AMAZING HUMAN BEING), and I've also got a friend who speaks and reads Japanese to the point where he's a one-man translating team (he maintains cock_robin_ondo and posts all of his translations here at Onadoru Euphoria). Times is hard, and he needs money - and he's willing to translate just about anything so long as he gets paid. (At the rate of five cents a word.)

Being as we are far, far too in love with WA3*, abiquiu and I got the idea of raising money not only to get the ~20 pages of writing team interview translated completely, but also the information about the Guardians, and some of the character bios. (Okay, the latter two were mostly my idea. Still...)

This is still in the planning stages, and I've yet to set up the dedicated paypal account (since there's more than one person involved and we couldn't decide on whose to use) - but when I finally do, would anyone else be interested in chipping in towards this?

abiquiu (whose DevArt account is here) is willing to take commissions with proceeds going towards this effort.

*And yes, I know mentioning 3 to certain corners of this fandom is like throwing ice water and pepper spray over a crowd for some reason. I'm sorry, I guess?
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30 Wild Arms icons [31 Mar 2010|12:24pm]
49|Final Fantasy (Mostly IV)
25|Wild Arms 3
49|Sharable Requests (Street Fighter, FFXIII, Wild Arms XF)

| |

( + More here )
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Wild Arms XF Manga (Act 4 and Epilogue) [24 Mar 2010|08:54pm]

[ mood | apologetic ]

Finally finished Act 4 and Epilogue. I've also included the EX.Files Material found at the end of the manga with the designs of each character post-timeskip. Sorry for the long wait, but I hope this helps any questions you might have had at the end of the game.

Of course, spoilers for ending.

( Act 4: A Dream I Want to Fulfill & Epilogue: The Other Side of Sorrow )

Thank you~

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[10 Mar 2010|10:17pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Hello hello~ Today I am pimping out a roleplaying game I run with a friend. I play Cecilia, Harken, Mariel, and Greg there, and they'd love to see some of their friends there too! We're giving short fandom apps a run since we're going to be starting a plot on Sunday. If you'd like to be a part of it, you can go here and take a look around! I'll answer any questions as well, so if you have questions, feel free to ask! ♥

And if you see this pop up like a million times, sorry about that. :D;;

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[09 Mar 2010|01:49am]

title A little joy, a little sorrow, and a little pride
fandom Wild ARMs 5
character(s) Chuck, Dean w/ cameos by the rest of the group
pairing Chuck x Dean
rating R (Male/Male, light swearing, (not too graphic) sexual situations)
summary It's easy to fall in and out of love, it's human nature, and by doing so we learn to grow up. (1sentence claim )

Fake cut is fake.

My first post here and I bring you ficlet in grammar abused format! I also apologize if the 'Metal' prompt is confusing. It's my failed attempt at attempting imagery through text orz.
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Wild Arms XF Manga [09 Feb 2010|12:06am]

Hello~ Just randomly poking out my head here with a chapter of the Wild Arms XF manga scanlated (if... anyone even cares anymore about it)! I'm thinking of just jumping to the last two chapters which fills in the 'lost continuity' at the end of the game.

Anyhoo, if you have any criticisms or see typos (or remember what Chevalet Blanc's official name was) or need to slap me upside the head that this has already been scanlated, drop a comment off at the entry :)

( Act 1: Lies of Truth )

Thank you for your time!
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