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Obviously, this is a community for people to join in and discuss things, tied with the common thread of that sweet little Media Vision/Contrail RPG series known as "Wild Arms".

People are free to join or leave this community as they please, though I do ask for a little bit of control from the people that post upon it.

Ground rules do suck, but we do need to abide by at least a few...

Attacks/flames... there's a big no-go. If you've got beef with someone else in the community, please take it up with them on another venue than fill posts or comments with the dreaded pain-in-the-ass spam.

Also, I'm fairly lax on cussing and things of that sort, but if someone decides to make it every other word, I'll have to ask that you please tone it down.

If there's a problem, get ahold of myself (feralknights) or lamnanti and we'll get about it ASAP.

Have fun!